About the National African American RV Association also known as NAARVA

… NAARVA has evolved from an idea conceived by a small group of acquaintances in fifty two (52) rigs at Winton Woods Campground, outside Cincinnati, Ohio, in the summer of 1993, to a National Organization with a membership in excess of 1400 active RVers.  Currently more than fifty (50) local clubs are now Chartered or Affiliated Chapters of NAARVA.


NAARVA is a family oriented, nonprofit organization which meets annually.  As a result, friendships that may have  originated at a Rally are kept alive, and new ones are developed among adult members and youth.  The freedom of adventure, characterizes all the members.

Sankofa is a Chartered Chapter of NAARVA


More information about the National African American RV Association can be found by clicking on the link we have provided here.


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